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If you are a local business looking to advertise or promote your business on this web site, please send us a message with your thoughts. gets thousands of viewers each week. Many people are looking for information on local business such as lodging, restaurants, recreational activities (tube rentals, snorkeling, canoe and kayak rentals, etc.) If you would like to have an advertisement on the site we will be happy to accommodate you.

The cost to have a "billboard" advertisement included on every page is $25 per month payable on a calendar year basis. This includes being added to the Business page with a link to your business.

If you would like to be a featured advertiser on a specific page with details about your business including photos, phone number, and details, will cost $50 per month paid on a calendar year basis.

Read the note below before you send a message.


Before you click the Send button you should highlight and copy the comments you typed above. "Double Check" what you typed in the reCaptcha field. If you forget to input the two words in the reCaptcha field or if you misspell either of the two words, you will receive an error page. You will need to click the Contact link again and complete the form again. It will be less frustrating if you can then paste your comments into the Comments field instead of retyping your comments again.

Please Note:

This site,, is not associated with the State Park, Marion County or their facilities. If you have questions about the Park's activities, camping, canoeing, scuba diving, tubing, lodging, etc. you need to use the contact information on this site to contact the appropriate office or department. If you use the Contact button to ask me about these types of question, you most likely will not get a reply to your email. Contact information, such as phone numbers, are listed throughout the site for the services or activities referenced on the site. So, before you decide to send a request for information to me about services or activities, take the time to review the appropriate pages on the site and find the informaiton or the contact information for the specific business or department that provides that service or activity.

In addition, if you are contacting us looking for referrals to local businesses, like lodging, restaurants, boat or tube rentals, or other local business information, we do not provide information for businesses that do not advertise or otherwise support this web site. Hence, if the information is not on this web site (check all the pages) it is not available via electronic mail.